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School Policies

Students will begin instruction at 8:00 and be dismissed at 3:00. No student is to enter the building without their teacher before 7:50.
Time Agenda
8:00 AM Pledge of Allegiance, Star Spangled Banner,
School Song, and Announcements
8:10 AM 1st Period Begins
3:00 PM Regular Dismissal

At dismissal, all students are to leave the school ground promptly at the end of the school day unless they are attending an after school program or are assigned detention. Students are NOT to cross in the middle of the street. Parents are NOT to park in the bus pick-up area. It is also illegal to call students across traffic to pick them up. NO former students are allowed to pick up younger siblings unless parents have registered them in the office. Parents/visitors are NOT ALLOWED to park in the north teachers lot. No double parking is allowed.

During the days when the weather is considered too harsh for students to be outside (rain, snow, extremely cold temperatures/ wind), the gym and lunchroom will be opened and students will be allowed to enter the building, 108th & Ave. "H" entrance. Students in the annex & demountable will go to their building and line up in the corridor outside the classroom. Main building 2nd floor students will go immediately to the gym and stand in their assigned area, 1st floor students will line up quietly in the hall. Those eating breakfast will go to their assigned location immediately after eating. All students are to remain quiet while waiting.

Our school policy is to accept only those visitors who have legitimate business to attend to at school. Students guests or visitors are not permitted at any time, unless prior arrangements have been made. Parents are always welcome. All visitors must sign in and obtain a visitors pass at the main office.

Beginning at the Calumet River and 107th Street East to the Illinois-Indiana State line south to 10959 West to the Calumet River North to the starting point.

Effective learning takes place when students are is a safe and orderly environment. Therefore, Jane Addams students are encouraged to develop self-discipline and positive attitudes towards themselves and others. In addition, students are encouraged to take advantage of their educational opportunities and to use class time productively.

Students are expected to:
  • Come prepared and on time to school every day.
  • Respect other students, teachers and staff as well as the school property.
  • Show respect for and follow the requests and directions of teachers and supervisors.
  • Use appropriate language.
  • Not have gum or sunflower seeds in the building.
  • Not do damage to another's personal property.
  • Not litter, or to not write on walls, desks, or lockers.
  • Respect other students. Verbal threats, sexual harassment, or physical assault of another person is unacceptable and has severe disciplinary consequences. ("No put downs" are allowed.)
  • Practice good citizenship
  • Leave all personal equipment at home.
  • Have a hall pass to be out of the class.
  • No cheating on any assignments.
  • Not bring large sums of money to school.
  • No harmful inhalants allowed in the school.
  • No permanent markers.
We are fortunate to have a playground designed for grades Pre-K to 5. Children in grades 6 and above are not to use the equipment. Standard discipline rules apply. In addition, children are not allowed to take bikes, toys, or sharp objects on the rubber matting.

Whoever has custody or control of any child between the ages of 5 and 16 years shall cause such child to attend some public school in the district wherein the child resides the entire time it is in session during the school term. The school code of Illinois, Chapter 122, Illinois Revised Statutes, Section 26-1. Regular attendance is extremely important for success in school. THE SCHOOL IS RESPONSIBLE TO REPORT ANY SUSPECTED TRUANCY FOR BABYSITTING, SHOPPING TRIPS OR OTHER INAPPROPRIATE ACTIVITIES.

In compliance with The School Code of Illinois, Jane Addams school has developed the following procedures:
  • The parent/guardian MUST CALL the school (535-6210) before 8:15 AM to report a child's anticipated absence.

  • In accordance with STATE LAW, students MUST bring a note on the day following the absence, including early dismissals, signed by the parent/guardian. IF NO NOTE IS RECEIVED STUDENTS WILL BE CHARGED WITH AN UNEXCUSED ABSENCE AND WILL SERVE DETENTION.

  • If a student arrives TARDY to school (after the 8:19 tardy bell) He/she must enter the NORTH entrance, and receive a pass to class AND WILL SERVE DETENTION, if the tardy is unexcused. If the student brings a note; parent arrives with the student; or if parent calls, the student will be marked TARDY EXCUSED. If the student does NOT have the above they will be marked UNEXCUSED TARDY.

  • WILL SERVE DETENTION. Students who have four or more tardies (excused or unexcused) will also serve detention on the same day as the tardy. 5. Students will be responsible for all missed class work and assignments.

  • Students with perfect attendance for the entire school year will be eligible for the BIKE RAFFLE to be conducted at the end of the year awards assembly.

Jane Addams has adopted the following dress code: Tops; PLAIN white, light blue or navy tops (with collar, no Tee Shirts, no turtle necks) A solid sweat shirt may be worn as long as the collar is visible. Bottoms: PLAIN NAVY pants, skirts, jumpers or knew length shorts. Middle school students only, may wear beige bottoms instead of navy blue. All pants must be secured at the waist. NO JEANS, NO OVERALLS OR PANTS WITH SHOULDER STRAPS, OR CARGO POCKETS. BAGGY OR TREND SETTING STYLES WILL BE ALLOWED. Shoes: Any type of shoe(gym, dress, etc.) that is closed at the toe. Elevated shoes, high heels, stacked heels, etc. are not allowed. In addition, the following dress code guidelines will be enforced:
  • No backwards hats worn on school property.
  • No hat/hoods should be worn in the building. (no hooded sweatshirts)
  • No shorts, skirts that are not knee length or that are made of spandex.
  • No Snap Pants Allowed.
  • No tank tops, halters, tops with cut-outs, or see-through skirts should be worn.
  • Slack/skirts/jeans, etc. should be neat and clean.
  • No make-up should be worn in school(except for picture day). Make-up, nail polish and hair products are not permitted in the school.
  • No earrings should be worn by the boys.
  • Girls should wear only small post earrings (no hoops).
  • No nose earrings.
  • No clothes with obscene/offensive writings.
  • No multi-colored shoe laces or rubber bands, etc.
  • No item that is evidence of affiliation in any gang should be worn in school or on school grounds.
  • No overalls, jeans, skirts with straps, suspenders, cargo pocket pants, etc.
  • No torn clothes or jeans with trend setting logos.
  • No carved hair designs.
The last Friday of every month will be "Red and White Day". Students may wear appropriate clothing in red and white to celebrate the spirit of Jane Addams. 100% uniform & 100% attendance compliance will be rewarded with special surprises at the end of the school year. This policy has been passed by the Local School Council for the safety of your child and to continue to provide a good, safe, quality learning environment. We encourage all parents to help us.


The Uniform Discipline Code of the Chicago Public Schools is the school's guide to students discipline. In the case of students misbehavior, the following discipline action will be taken:
  • Teacher-student conference
  • Teacher-student-parent conference
  • Teacher-students-parents-administrator conference
  • Detention
  • Saturday detention: Parents attending with chronic offenders
  • In-school suspension
  • Suspension out of school.

      Jane Addams T-Shirt, red and /or white Jane Addams sweatshirt, red OR solid red or solid white T-Shirt or sweatshirt (no writing).

      Jane Addams gym shorts or Jane Addams sweatpants OR solid red sweatpants. No snap pants allowed-red nylon pants may be worn on gym days only. Sweat pants should not be rolled up.

      White socks and gym shoes.

The PTO will take gym uniform orders the first week of school.

All students are required to have the recommended Jane Addams School supplies. Students in grades 6, 7 and 8 will not be allowed to carry book bags into the classroom therefore they should organize accordingly. All students will be required to pay a $20.00 consumable book fee to help defray the costs of all workbooks, weekly readers, etc. This fee is due the first week of school. Financial waivers are available. Applicants must make an appointment the principal.

Field trips are considered a regular part of our academic program. Students are encouraged to attend. All students must attend school on the day of a trip. Those not attending will be given supplemental work. All money must be turned in by the due date. No refunds will be given.

Additionally, there will be a new emphasis on "In House" trips. Professional performances and museum exhibits will be brought to the school. A small fee may be charged.

All textbooks are very expensive to purchase and must be used over a period of years by several students, therefore books must be covered. Parents must assume the responsibility for lost or damaged books.

A fee of $15.00 will be charged for all sixth grade students and seventh and eighth grade students who do not possess the approved Jane Addams Calculator.

Each child must pay a $15.00 consumable book fee to help cover the rising costs of all consumable books. Principal approved school fee waivers are available. Make an appointment to review this matter.

The "ADDAMS GOOD NEWS" is sent home with the children on the first week of each month. This is one of our primary means of communication with the home. Student achievements, special events and activities are highlighted. Students and parents are asked to read and discuss the information and to call the school if they have any questions or suggestions.

  • Birth or baptismal certificate
  • Proof of residence. (one picture I.D. and two utility bills.)
  • All students are required to have a physical and all immunizations must be up to date.
  • To enter kindergarten or first grade, a child must be 5 or 6 years old as of September 1st.
  • Only the legal guardian may enroll a child.
The State of Illinois Public Act 81-184, the School Code Section 27-8.1 states that students entering kindergarten, first, fifth, or ninth grades for the first time and all new enrollees must present proof of having had a current health examination in order to enroll in school in September 2004. Additionally, all immunizations must be up to date including the Hepatitis B vaccine for Pre-K, Kindergarten and fifth grade. The varicelas (chicken pox) shot is required to enter Kindergarten.

  • Only those medications which are absolutely necessary for the critical health and well being of a student, as determined by a physician may be administered during school hours.

  • A written request for administration of medication during school hours must be made by a licensed physician and submitted on the Chicago Public Schools' medication request form.

  • A written request by the parent/guardian requesting that medication be given during school hours must be submitted to the school. The request must include the name of the parent/guardian and the home phone number as well as an emergency number.

  • Medications must be brought to school in the original container which is appropriately labeled.

  • All medications must be personally delivered to the school by the parent/guardian. The student shall accept a maximum of twenty pills in the original container.

  • All students who require medication during school hours must have either a 504 plan or an individualized education plan (IEP) pursuant to IDEA which addresses the medication issue.

Addams participates in the free and reduced price breakfast and lunch program for those students who are eligible. Students ineligible for this program pay a full price for breakfast and lunch.

  Reduced Paid
Breakfast Free Free
Lunch free free

Money is collected each day of the week in the child's classroom. Applications must be filed each school year. Monthly menus are included in the school newsletter. Breakfast is served from 8:25 to 8:40. All parents are encouraged to fill out a form to determine eligibility.

Addams School does not assume responsibility for lost or stolen items. Do not send your child to school with valuables.

The school office telephone is a business phone and is not to be used by students, except in an emergency. Students are not allowed to use the phone to make personal arrangement, (such as requesting to go to another child's home after school).

Students will not be called from class to give keys to siblings, parents, etc. Parents are requested to make after school arrangement before their child leaves for school so as not to disrupt the classroom.

Addams School welcomes school volunteers. Applications are available in the school office. All volunteers must have a TB test. Volunteers can only be accepted after submitting a completed application with proof of a negative TB result. Our coordinator of the volunteer program is the assistant principal.

Addams School does not discriminate against anyone(students, parents, staff, or visitors) on the basis of sex, race, ethnic origin, or religion.

Students in kindergarten through grade 8 participate in studying a unit on Family Life Education. This is a unit in Science covering human growth and development and sex education as is appropriate. Parents not wishing their child to participate must notify the principal in writing.

Addams School adopted the Character Education Curriculum Program with the help of a grant from the Chicago Foundation for Education. Our school-wide goals include the following: Establish a common standard of excellence for our school. Enable classroom teachers to help students to develop positive personal values and to improve their personal behavior and self-esteem. Enable our students to consider alternative solutions and to recognize the role of self-discipline in achieving goals.

Addams students in grades 5 through 8 are eligible to try out for the squad. It is a special activity which includes our most spirited and athletic students.

Jane Addams offers an organized competitive athletic program run by parent volunteer coaches. Volunteers are needed to coach and hold offices in this organization. If you are interested, please call 535-6210

All students participating in an extra curricular program must meet the following qualifications:
  • An evaluation process used at the two and a half and seven week check.

    The students is: Yes | No

    Passing academically: ____ ____

    Exhibiting positive conduct: ____ ____

    *Students are ineligible if two checks are recorded in the academic area or if one check is recorded in the conduct area.

  • Five Week Progress Report Eligibility will be consistent with the two and a half and seven week checks. (Two or more unsatisfactory checks in academics and/or one or more unsatisfactory check in conduct means a student is ineligible.

  • Report card eligibility will be: NO F's, a C average or better in the core subjects, and no more than one check in work habits and a minimum conduct grade of C.

  • Eligibility provisions: Ineligible means practice only for 2.5 weeks. Every 2.5 weeks the student athlete will be evaluated.

    ***Students that have been suspended by the principal or designee (in school or out-of-school) will not be allowed to participate in any program until he/she returns from suspension. At the time of the suspension, the principal has the authority to suspend a student from any program for an amount of time deemed as appropriate.

Students who complete the season successfully will be awarded at the end of the year.

Addams will place bilingual students in the general program with substantial bilingual support. The students will be serviced by a bilingual teacher and will receive intensive ESL (English as Second Language) support from a teacher specialist. Parents will be kept informed.

Periodically the faculty and staff will host an Addams Family Night. These nights will include but not be limited to the following:
  • September family orientation
  • Technology
  • Family Night
  • Parent Workshops

Every homeless student will have equal access to free, appropriate educational and programs. No homeless student will be discriminated on the basis of their homelessness.

Chicago Public Schools are taking extra precautions to insure the safety of all students. Schools have hand held metal detectors. All persons are subject to personal search and examination of their hand-carried possessions. Your cooperation with this safety precaution is a condition of entry.